LADY AT THE BAT: RIP, 2012 New York Yankees

Friday, September 7, 2012

RIP, 2012 New York Yankees

Well, almost.

It's September 7, 2012. The Yankees are in a flat-footed tie with the Baltimore Orioles. A tie that feels more like a 5-game deficit, one the Yankees cannot overcome. This team is on life-support. It's nearly time to perform their last rites.

Don't call me a pessimist. I am NOT a pessimist. I am a REALIST. The Yankees ARE not getting it done and they WILL not get it done. Here's why:

1) The pitching stinks. The starters are a mess. CC Sabathia has not distinguished himself this season.  Hiroki Kuroda has fallen off the pace. I need not mention the rest of the rotation, and don't even get me started on the bullpen. Counting on David Aardsma? His rehab start last night was less than effective. Andy Pettitte? Who's to say he'll be Andy Pettitte if and when he finally returns?

2) The offense is isn't built for the stretch run, let alone the playoffs. You CANNOT depend on the home-run this time of year, but the Yankees are not adept at manufacturing runs. They're making it sound like everything will be fine once Mark Teixeira returns. That's a joke. His defense will save runs but his bat will likely disappear in the clutch, as usual.

3) Speaking of Joe Girardi: he's just as much to blame for this mess as anyone else is. Stating in the media that this team is what it is, it's "not the Bronx Bunters," is the height of stubbornness. It also sounds like he's running up the white flag.

I would give almost ANYTHING to be wrong about all of this. I will gladly eat crow if the Yankees win the division. I'll fill my cabinets with it if they make the World Series. If they win a World Series Championship I'll start a crow farm.

But I don't think I'll be doing any of that.


Kate said...

I think you completely relevant points but if you remember the Yankees at the start of this season, they looked just as bad. Between the pitching and hitting it took this team until mid-June to get into any rhythm as they trailed by as much as 5.5 games at the end of May. The hitting showed real life in last night's loss without one homer, which was positive in my opinion.

Also, power comes in bunches and hitting is contagious within a line-up so since the Yanks rely on both there highs and lows are very severe. If the bats keep getting hitting, and the pitching can be good enough then this team can do what they did in when they got hot before. Tex returns tonight...and I try to remember that the Yankees proved what they can do already this season but it is easy to forget that. All teams have slumped this season and in the big picture the Yankees are still one of the best teams out and us fans cannot give up so easily.

Remember who won the last two World Series???? Not the best regular season teams....but the erratic ones.

Kate said...

Also, you wrote this just two weeks ago:

"The Yankees were 4-5 with runners in scoring position last night! They've done well with RISP for several games now. Let's hope this is trend that will continue right on into the postseason."

Bernadette Pasley said...

"...I try to remember that the Yankees proved what they can do already this season..." What they did was beat up on mediocre NL teams during interleague play. That was when they built up most of their 10-game lead. They haven't done as well against AL teams that really count.

Tex returning tonight means they're rushing him. Beat reporters and talkshow hosts I've listened to/read say he's not ready. Putting him in the lineup tonight is a PANIC MOVE.

I was hopeful after that 4-5 RISP night but I'm not anymore. This is a mediocre offense at best that opposing pitchers are not afraid of.

But, as I said, I would be happy to eat crow when all is said and done. :)

Kate said...

Beat up on NL teams???? You mean like the Nationals, Braves and Mets (who were hot at the time)???
Those are not mediocre NL teams....

Bernadette the Yankees won legit series against many teams like Halos, Rays, Tigers, Rangers etc.

This was not a season were they beat up on crappy teams....that was more the case the past 2-years.

Bernadette Pasley said...

All NL teams are mediocre compared to AL teams, imo.

I'll give you the Rangers, but they caught the Angels and Rays at the right time.

They did show me something last night, however. Perhaps they can build on it, but CC needs to pitch better tonight than he's pitched during the season.

Anonymous said...

The point about relying solely on the power game is spot on.The Yankee aversion to bunting has reached bizarre proportions.They can't even perform a squeeze.Defenses can always play back,stealing some outfield space because they KNOW a bunt is out of the question.Winning with the home run was fine until September.But when the pitching gets tougher you gotta have a solid small ball element.
Enough with the old superstars.They've got to get younger and faster.And Yankee fans will have to learn some patience,allowing them time to develop young guys.The boo-birds need to shut up already.And that also means a couple of years without expecting championship from April 1st.Gotta rebuild this team and that's gonna take time - just like the early 90's.
It was WORTH it,wasn't it???

Uncle Mike said...

Is this Lady at the Bat and Lady Loves Pinstripes arguing? This is what our season has come to.

Let's roast these Birds this afternoon, and then sting the Rays, and do what we should have done already, lock this race up!

Bernadette Pasley said...

"this is what our season has come to." What does THAT mean, Uncle Mike? Smh.

Hey, Anonymous, there is no way management would go the rebuilding route. Not in New York. Too bad, though, b/c that does make some sense.