LADY AT THE BAT: T Minus 7: Yanks Win, O's Win

Thursday, September 27, 2012

T Minus 7: Yanks Win, O's Win

A few weeks ago there was plenty of worry and angst about CC Sabathia. The Yankees ace wasn't pitching like an ace and, if he didn't start to soon, bad things were going to happen to the team if and when it made the playoffs. Well, now Sabathia has had two straight ace-like starts, the latest coming yesterday against the Twins, and things are starting  to look good again for the New York Yankees.

Things continue to look good for the Baltimore Orioles as well, who last night belted 7 home runs en route to their win over the Blue Jays. Baltimore has an off day today and tomorrow they open up a series against the Red Sox at Camden Yards.

With Baltimore's off-day today the Yankees' division lead will either go up to 2 games or down to 1 game, depending on what they do in their series opener in Toronto tonight. Inconsistent Ivan Nova will pitch against Brandon Morrow, a matchup that favors the Jays. But, keep in mind that Nova had a full seven days rest between his last two starts. He'll be on regular rest tonight, which might mean something. Or it could mean absolutely nothing. 

Seven games left. Go Yankees!


Anonymous said...

I would like to know what percentage of runers already on base score when Boon Logan enters a game in relief. I would like to know the same statistic combined for the Yankee Bullpen.

Bernadette Pasley said...

I think that stat is called Inherited Runs Allowed, or something like that. Certainly would be interesting to find out!