LADY AT THE BAT: T Minus 8: Yanks Lose, O's Lose

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

T Minus 8: Yanks Lose, O's Lose

After last night's loss to the Twins, Joe Girardi explained his reasoning for bringing in Boone Logan by pointing out that Logan has "a ton of success against Span." He also said he felt Phil Hughes was tiring: he was losing command and location, getting the ball up and getting into some long counts.

Okay, I'll buy it.

I'm in the minority for sure. With the failures Logan has had this season it's so easy to blame Girardi for what happened last night. But I'm not going to. He made the move, it didn't work out, so we all need to move on to the remaining eight games. Case closed.

The Orioles have now lost two in a row. I will be shocked if they lose again today. It will likely not happen, which means today's Yankee game is a must-win. CC Sabathia gets the ball.

Just win, big fella. Just win.


Unknown said...

Is Girardi trying to kill me? "It was Colonel Binder, in the ballpark, with the Boone Logan." That's the only way Girardi has a "clue"! -- Uncle Mike

coolnewyorker said...

More often than not, managers get into a no win situation with second guessers.

When a cruising starter loads the bases in late innings with pitch count approaching 100, it's time to take him out of there.

It would have been an endless "I will never forgive you" second guessing had Joe left Hughes with bases loaded and a string of left handers on deck...and then Phil allowed a grand slam(he is known for being generous with HR's).

Logan just did not have it. Most times, he would have delivered. Just one of those "can't win 'em all" baseball's "facts of life".