LADY AT THE BAT: When Girardi Finally Sits Andruw, Ichiro Puts On A Show

Thursday, September 20, 2012

When Girardi Finally Sits Andruw, Ichiro Puts On A Show

The story after the first game of yesterday's doubleheader was the return of Andy Pettitte. The story at the end of the second game was, of course, Ichiro Suzuki. His 7 hits and 4 steals went a long way in securing the Yankees sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday.

Ichirio's 7 hits on the day might only have been 3, had Joe Girardi continued to be stubborn. With lefty Ricky Romero on the mound for the  Blue Jays in game 2, everyone feared Girardi would continue the insanity of inserting Andruw Jones in the lineup, as he has done all year when a southpaw opposes the Yankees. But Girardi finally did the right thing, and Ichiro ended up driving in the winning run.

Has Girardi learned his lesson? Will he stop consulting his binder as if it were the Holy Bible? Time will tell. In the meantime, Yankee fans can look back with pleasure at a really fun day during the 2012 season.

Other Notes:

* I know I'm not the only Yankee fan who was ecstatic after Andy Pettitte's return to the rotation. His outing yesterday was truly a shot in the arm. It appears that, if the Yankees end up in the Death Game (one game playoff), Pettitte is in line to pitch it. I'll sign up for that anytime.

* Are you kidding me, Baltimore Orioles? Back-to-back extra inning wins? That's 15 straight!  This is going to go down to the last game of the season, isn't it? I already feel like I aged 5 years this week. I'll be old as Methuselah when all is said and done.

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