LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Manage To Win Despite Letting Red Sox Hang Around

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yankees Manage To Win Despite Letting Red Sox Hang Around

During last night's game between the Yankees and Red Sox, one question kept creeping into my head: Why are the Red Sox still in this game?

Yes, the Yankees won the game, but just barely. They won by a score of 5-4 after leading 5-1 at one point. Every time the Yankees scored, the Red Sox would come right back and score as well. As they have all too often lately, Yankee pitchers failed to pitch shutdown innings after their offense scored for them. 

I could understand it if they were playing a team with a winning record, but these are the chaotic, dysfunctional 2012 Boston Red Sox, a team whose season ended months ago. To let them stay in the game and have a chance to win it is totally unacceptable.

There is one more game in this series. The Yankees need take charge of it early. They need to shut the Red Sox down and make them look like the awful team that they are.

Other Notes:

* He was just as much a culprit of what I posted above but, I was impressed with the performance of David Phelps last night. With first place on the line, he went back to his successful early season form and held on to the Yankees' lead for 5.2 innings, his longest outing of the year. He could definitely be a nice rotation option next season.

* Joba Chamberlain continues to improve. He could be a huge force in the postseason (if the Yankees make it there).

* RISP update: 0-13. Need I say more?

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