LADY AT THE BAT: ALDS Game 4: Orioles 2, Yankees 1

Friday, October 12, 2012

ALDS Game 4: Orioles 2, Yankees 1

I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but how can I be surprised that it did?  Back on Tuesday, I began a travel day update of the ALDS for Big Leagues Monthly by listing all the ties the Yankees and Orioles were involved in, throughout the season and up to that point in the series. Last night's extra inning saga left one final tie, a 2-2 series tie. That tie will be broken today at the end of Game 5.

So far in this series, everything I said during the regular season came to pass. (Everyone else said it, too so, sadly, I cannot call myself Nostradamus.) The live-and-die-by-the-homer Yankees have struggled to manufacture runs and hit with runners in scoring position. Actually, they barely hit at all. It's always the same thing, every postseason in recent years, with the exception of 2009.  Nobody hits. And it's all Alex Rodriguez's fault.

Sure, A-Rod is 2-16 with 9 strikeouts. But the following stats aren't gaudy either:

Nick Swisher is 2-15 with 3 strikeouts
Robinson Cano is 2-18 with a strikeout
Curtis Granderson is 1-16 with 9 strikeouts

Yet, Alex Rodriguez, as usual gets the brunt of the criticism. I don't even know what to say about it anymore.  All I know is it has to stop. But, unfortunately, I don't think it will.  Alex will continue to be stomped on while others in the lineup continue to slump.

All of this means one thing: CC Sabathia must pitch a shutout today. He and whoever relieves him must not allow a single run. I am assuming, of course, that the Yankees can scratch for one.

Let's see if they do it.

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