LADY AT THE BAT: T Minus 1: Yanks Win, O's Win

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

T Minus 1: Yanks Win, O's Win

Whew! It didn't look good there for a while. The Yankees were down 2-0 to Jon Lester before they even came to bat. By the late innings they had 10 hits but just 1 run. They were still trailing going into the ninth inning, and were 0-58 on the season when trailing in that final frame. But Raul Ibanez saved the day with his clutch hits, and the Yankees still have a 1-game lead over the Orioles on this last day of the regular season.

Speaking of clutch hits, you couldn't use that term in reference to Mark Teixeira last night. Joe Girardi batted him in the cleanup spot and the only thing he cleaned were the raindrops off his bat. After he grounded into 2  inning-ending double plays and popped up with the bases loaded, my Twitter feed exploded, with anger directed at both Teixeira for not coming through and at Girardi for batting Tex 4th instead of Robinson Cano.     I can't say that I disagree with the uproar, but I guess I can see what Girardi was trying to do: stack as many righties against Lester as possible. It did't work. He owes Raul Ibanez a steak dinner. 

The Orioles may have been ordering steaks while they watched the end of the Yankees game last night. Though they won the game, the Rays didn't make it easy for them and I applaud James Shields and Joe Maddon for that.

So, it comes down to tonight. The Yankees would save everyone, including themselves, a lot of headaches if they win this final game. Get it done, guys. Get it done!

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