LADY AT THE BAT: T Minus 2: Yanks Win, O's Lose

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

T Minus 2: Yanks Win, O's Lose

It's a 1-game lead with 2 games to play. The Yankees beat a dead Red Sox team last night while the Orioles lost to a Rays team that was on life support. 

The big joke about the Boston Red Sox these days is that they are actually the Pawtucket Red Sox. Six players in last night's Boston lineup started 2012 in triple A. Meanwhile, the Yankees had their full lineup in the game, something that hasn't happened in over a month. That was one reason why they smashed 4 home runs in the second inning, including one by Mark Teixeira. If Teixeira had been the only Yankee to homer last night, I'd have been just as ecstatic. His return to the lineup is such a powerful boost to the team. 

Two games left! If the Yankees win tonight and the Orioles lose, the division belongs to the Yankees. But, knowing the Orioles that is not likely to happen, especially since the Rays have been eliminated. (Thanks for nothing, A's.) Joe Maddon has promised to do the right thing and put his A-team on the field. Let's see if he does it. Also, Joe Girardi has come to his senses and has replaced Ivan Nova with David Phelps in tonight's game. 

Tonight's game and tomorrow's is pretty straight forward. Then things get dicey, especially if the two teams end in a tie. So many different scenarios! I hate to even think about it for fear of getting a headache. I can only manage to think two things: Go Yankees and go Rays!

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