LADY AT THE BAT: T Minus 3: Yanks Win, O's Win

Monday, October 1, 2012

T Minus 3: Yanks Win, O's Win

During yesterday's games the scoreboard operators at both Rogers Centre and Camden Yards showed highlights that were surely depressing to any Yankees fan. The jumbo tron in Toronto showed the Orioles pounding the Red Sox. The board at Camden Yards showed Brett Lawrie's 2-run homer off Phil Hughes. Meanwhile, the Yankees looked lifeless. It was all but certain that they would leave Canada no longer in first place.

But then the comeback began. The Yankees weren't lifeless after all. They go into today's action still tied for first place and with a clinched playoff berth. 

Or, do they? The Yankees are still tied for first place. But can they really consider qualifying for the Death Game (one-game-playoff) as having made the playoffs? Not in my book. I know that teams are celebrating like they've made the playoffs. But they shouldn't be. They haven't won anything except a chance to play for a spot in the playoffs. Everyone congratulating the Orioles for finally making the postseason after a 15 year absence should just shut up.

Adam Jones said the Orioles would celebrate wherever they were when they heard they'd clinched, even if they were on a plane. That probably happened on their flight to St Petersburg last night. Thankfully, their emergency landing in Jacksonville didn't dampen their celebration, as they eventually made it to St Pete in one piece.

Three more games. Red Sox at Yankees and Orioles at Rays. Ivan Nova is still scheduled to pitch. That might end up being the worst decision Joe Girardi makes this season. If it backfires, I might even join in that chorus I'm sick of hearing: "Fire Girardi!"

Go Yankee and go Rays!

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