LADY AT THE BAT: Who Stays, Who Goes: The Infield

Friday, October 26, 2012

Who Stays, Who Goes: The Infield

I started this series with a look at the outfield. Now I will tackle the infield:

Robinson Cano
Eric Chavez
Derek Jeter
Casey McGehee
Jayson Nix
Eduardo Nunez
Alex Rodriguez
Mark Teixeira

It will be shocking if Cano's team option is not picked up. 

Eric Chavez did not show up for the postseason, but he was a good backup infielder in 2012. He will be 35 years old going into the 2013 season but, the fact that he managed to stay healthy for most of 2012 makes me want to take a chance on him for another year.

Derek Jeter isn't going anywhere, but you have to wonder if he will ever again put together the season he had in 2012.

Casey McGehee: What was that?

Jayson Nix is a very good defensive player and can lay down a bunt. Sorry, Joe Girardi, the team does need bunters.

The Yankees need to find a way to get Nunez comfortable in the field, because they cannot do without his bat.

I crossed out Alex Rodriguez's name but, not because of his production at the plate or in the field. I just think his relationship with the team, the fans, and the media has gotten so toxic that, it will be very difficult for him to remain in the Bronx. That being said, it will be virtually impossible to trade him.

Teixeira is still the Yankees first baseman. That is all.

Other than Kevin Youkilis, the free agent market for infielders isn't filled with a lot of brand names. The Yankees might want to consider Ronny Cedeno or Adam Kennedy if they go in that direction.

Next up: The Pitchers and Catchers


Anonymous said...

what about getting rid of A-Rod, moving Jeter to third (where he doesn't need as much range), and Nunez to short if we can teach him to field?

Tanned Tom said...

I totally agree, move Jeter to 3B where his lack of range won't hurt the team as much. Let's see if Nunez can field SS. And force A-Roid's hand, announce Jeter to 3B, and A-Roid to be a part-time DH. Since #'s are so important to him, I'm guessing he'll waive his NTC if he thinks he'll be a PT player in NY.

Bernadette Pasley said...

Good idea, Tom. If that's not enough to get A-Rod to waive his no-trade clause, nothing will.

Anonymous said...