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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New At Big Leagues Monthly: A-Rod, Sabermetrics, Etc.

The Yankees continue to be quiet this off-season, generating very little even in the way of rumors, which means I have a break of sorts from posting regularly to this blog.

I am still writing, however, and I recently contributed a piece to the November issue of Big Leagues Monthly. In "In Defense Of Alex Rodriguez"  I present a history of A-Rod, going back to the 2006 season and looking ahead to his future. To read it, click here and go to page 61.

Did you know that I hate Sabermetrics?  Well, I do. I explained why in an article I wrote this week for the daily edition of the magazine. Click here to read it.

Of course, don't forget to check out the other fine writing from the site as well!

Other Notes:

* The Marlins-Blue Jays trade became official yesterday, making it seem as if the Yankees might finish last (or, next to last) in 2013. But, things aren't always as they seem, of course. The Marlins proved that last year, as did the Tigers several years ago.

* I never expected Melky Cabrera to get the money he got from Toronto, let alone the years. MLB had better get ready for more PED suspensions because, apparently, they are very lucrative for the players who receive them.

* Yesterday I tweeted: "The idea of a Ruppert Murdoch-owned company buying a stake in YES or, God forbid, the Yankees makes me sad.” Please, God, don't let it happen!

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