LADY AT THE BAT: Podcast Episode 26: Scouts, The Hot Stove, Sandy & Obama

Monday, November 12, 2012

Podcast Episode 26: Scouts, The Hot Stove, Sandy & Obama

What does a Major League scout do? What is a typical day like? On this episode of the podcast I interview Jalal Leach, a Pro Scout for the New York Yankees. Jalal was drafted by the Yankees in the 7th round of the 1990 amateur draft. He played in several organizations before making his Major League debut in 2001 with the San Francisco Giants. He and I talk about his job and the team, including what went wrong in the playoffs and what needs to be done going forward. I also tackle some hot stove nuggets, the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy and the recent Presidential election.

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Note: The political views expressed in this episode are my own and not necessarily those of my guest, guests on previous episodes or guests on future episodes.

Enjoy the podcast and thanks for listening!

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RLD Investments said...

Whenever I hear about major league scouts I always think of the scene from Moneyball "He's got a baseball body"
"Jesus Christ, we're not selling jeans here."
In all reality though, that's what scouts need to do more of. Real analysis instead of thinking they are all some legend with an micrometer eye that can find a diamond in the rough.