LADY AT THE BAT: Rivera Pitches: Baseball and Cologne

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rivera Pitches: Baseball and Cologne

Finally! Some news from Yankees Universe!  I was really happy to hear last night that Hiroki Kuroda has been signed for 2013. He won't be pitching in LA or Japan next year after-all. Congratulations, Hirok.

One down, several more to go. One of those several more is Mariano Rivera. I've already made my position clear on this blog that he should be given the same salary he received in 2012, no more, no less. We will see if that does or does not happen. In the meantime, Rivera is making progress toward his comeback from his ACL injury. He made news about a week ago when it was announced that he had thrown off a mound for the first time since last April. During a filming of a commercial for New York Yankees Fragrance, he talked about his comeback:

Speaking of the fragrance, there is now a Mariano Rivera Signature Limited Edition of it. Check it out here. Congrats on the progress, Mo. Hope to see you on a mound for real and in pinstripes next Spring.

Other Notes:

* I am absolutely shocked and angered over the fact that Ruppert Murdoch's company now owns a 49% equity stake in the YES Network. What will this lead to? I don't even want to think about it. It's too depressing.

* Finally, I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving Holiday. Please stay out of the stores until Black Friday actually arrives and patronize small business on Saturday. (And don't eat too much!)

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