LADY AT THE BAT: Who Stays, Who Goes: The Bullpen And The Catchers

Friday, November 2, 2012

Who Stays, Who Goes: The Bullpen And The Catchers

To wrap up this stays/goes series here is a look at the Yankees bullpen and the catcher position, starting with the bullpen:

David Aardsma
Joba Chamberlain
Cody Eppley
Pedro Feliciano
Boone Logan
Clay Rapada
Mariano Rivera
David Robertson
Rafael Soriano

Aardsma is a question mark but a hopeful one. He should be given a chance to show what he's got and, since the Yankees have picked up his option for 2013, he will.

Joba never really got it going after he returned from Tommy John Surgery and his trampoline accident. I'm willing to blame his poor performance on those two things and to give him another chance in '13.

For the most part, Cody Eppley was a serviceable relief pitcher. Bringing him back won't hurt at all.

There were rumors that Pedro Feliciano would throw a few innings for the Yankees before the season ended. He should definitely be given the chance to compete for a job in '13.

Lefty Boone Logan had his peaks and valleys in 2012, but the valleys were not enough for me to say "Get rid of him!"

Nothing bad to say about the other lefty, Clay Rapada. In fact, I'd be more inclined to go to him before Logan when the situation called for it.

Mariano Rivera should come back, if he is able to. But at what price? It is hard to say. I explored this subject in detail recently over at Big Leagues Monthly.

David Robertson is a no-brainer. I just hope he has a better year in 2013.

Boras client Rafael Soriano has opted out, of course, and he will be looking for a multi-year deal. I crossed out his name because I don't think the Yankees should give it to him at the expense of not being able to lower the payroll to $189 million for 2014. If they don't give it to him he definitely will not sign with them.

Other Options: I have been hearing a lot about prospect Mark Montgomery lately. He is a 22 year-old right-hander who could compete for a job in the bullpen in 2013. Perhaps he can be an alternative to Soriano. Other than that, I am not impressed with any of the free agent relievers this year.

And finally, the catchers:

Francisco Cervelli
Russell Martin
Chris Stewart

Francisco Cervelli was relegated to the minors in 2012 because of Austin Romine's injuries. After the initial shock, he handled it well, and deserves to be back with the big club in 2013.

Russell Martin handles pitchers well and is still capable of having a good year offensively. But I wouldn't offer him more than a one-year deal.

Thank you for your service, Chris Stewart. Good luck with the rest of your career.

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Felix in NJ said...

I feel the same way on Mo as you do on Andy Pettitte....great Yankees whose time is to leave the stage. And Mo is older and will hit a "wall" since he did not pitch that many innings last year. One year for 15 mill is ludicrous IMO. Maybe Soria will be a nice cheaper pick up for the team.