LADY AT THE BAT: Kevin Youkilis? God Help Me

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kevin Youkilis? God Help Me

It's not official, yet. 

I'm hanging my hat on that sentence, hoping it never changes, hoping Kevin Youkilis fails his physical and doesn't sign with the Yankees after all. My reasons for this are far from rational. Rational reasons are ones like:

* With the Youkilis signing ($12 million) and what they still have to pay Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees have $40 million tied up at third base alone.

* He is a bit injury prone, his latest injury being a back strain in May of this year which landed him on the disabled list.

* In games he did play last year he hit an anemic .235 with 19 HR and 60 RBI.

* While he is only 33 years old, it is an old 33.  He doesn't give off a youthful vibe.

No, these are not why I don't like this signing. I don't like it because, and yes, I'm saying it, he played for the Red Sox! I know that Roger Clemens and Johnny Damon also crossed over enemy lines but, for whatever reason, their acquisitions didn't elicit the disgust that the Youkilis signing has in me. As I've said before, this is going to take a lot of getting a used to. 

I suppose it will help to look at the positives that Kevin Youkilis brings to the Yankees:

* Known as the Greek God Of Walks, he grinds out at-bats, making the pitcher work to get him out.

* He fills the Yankees need for a right-handed hitter with power.

* He is a career .283 hitter, a three-time All Star and a former Gold Glove winner.

So, if he passes his physical, at least I have something to focus on to help me get used to the sight I'm dreading: Kevin Youkilis in pinstripes.

Just picturing it turns my stomach. God help me.

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