LADY AT THE BAT: A-Rod's Hip Surgery: 5 Stages of Recovery

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A-Rod's Hip Surgery: 5 Stages of Recovery

Word got out late yesterday that Alex Rodriguez had his hip surgery and that it was a success.

Now the recovery begins. It is supposed to take about six months. What exactly will A-Rod be doing during this time? The LoHud Yankees Blog has posted five specific steps the third baseman will be following to get himself back at the hot corner at some point during the 2013 season. Those five steps are as follows:

1. Healing phase: Lasts about six weeks. Only range of motion exercises.
2. Early strengthening phase: Could take another six weeks or so for tissue to fully heal, and during that time they’ll be protective.
3. Strengthening phase: Roughly three months after the surgery, Rodriguez can begin strengthening in an “aggressive fashion.”
4. Endurance phase: After Rodriguez builds enough strength to do regular workouts, he’ll then be able to train for athletic strength and endurance.
5. Coordination phase: This is the last part of Rodriguez’s rehab, which Dr. [Bryan] Kelly described as “the functional return to sport.”

So A-Rod will have his work cut out for him during his recovery. Until then, we will have to get used to seeing Kevin Youkilis and his weird batting stance.

Hurry back, A-Rod.

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