LADY AT THE BAT: Friday Night Odds & Ends: Mo, Gardy/Grandy, Posada, Etc

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Night Odds & Ends: Mo, Gardy/Grandy, Posada, Etc

I meant to post something here earlier this week but, I've been really busy with something new and exciting that I will announce in a few months, if not sooner. Until then,  I'll have to settle for doing what is verboten for bloggers: posting at "off-peak" hours when readers are few and far between. 

Okay. I have some thoughts on some odds and ends from Tampa this week:

Mariano Rivera: I was just as pleased as everyone else in Yankees Universe to hear that Mo had his first batting practice of the spring today, the first since his injury last year. I'm tempering my enthusiasm, however. I'll wait to hear how he feels tomorrow before doing a happy dance.

Gardy/Grandy:  Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson are both team players who work hard and always do the right thing. If this switch of positions doesn't work, there'll be no one to blame. We'll only be able to say, "It just didn't work out."

No-Go 'Sado: Raise your hand if you thought Jorge Posada was going to pull an Andy Pettitte this spring, especially with who the Yankees have competing for the starting catcher's job. Sorry. Never again will you hear John Sterling say "Jorgie juiced one!" He ain't comin' back.

A-Rod: So he's eating seafood and rehabbing his hip twice a day. Is he talking, too? We may never hear what he has to say about Biogenesis, especially if MLB can't conclude anything in its investigation. From what I'm hearing about its struggle with the Miami New Times that might very well be the case. Keep working out, A-Rod, and have an oyster for me.

And, that's all I got. Two more days until the first Spring Training game is broadcast. Chomping at the bit here, guys. Wish it were right now.

Go, Yankees!

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