LADY AT THE BAT: Granderson's Broken Right Forearm: Not That Devastating

Monday, February 25, 2013

Granderson's Broken Right Forearm: Not That Devastating

Why couldn't the first casualty of the spring be someone like Matt Diaz? And don't tell me the first casualty was Phil Hughes. Phil Hughes isn't projected to miss any part of the season. Curtis Granderson is.

The only good thing about Granderson's broken right forearm is that it happened this early during training camp.If all goes well he'll be back on the field by the middle of May.

That's right, the middle of May. Not July, not September and not next spring.  This is not as devastating an injury as some are making it out to be. True, his home run power will be missed but only until the middle of May (end of May, tops, in my opinion). Everyone is talking about how the Yankees are going to lose 43 more home runs on top of the 100 they've already lost. Trades scenarios are popping up all over Twitter and  on sports talk radio. 

Come on. Granderson won't hit any home runs when he comes back?  So he hits 35 instead of 43. Big deal. They'll make up the other eight elsewhere. Let's end all this talk of doom and gloom and get back to enjoying  spring training.  

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