LADY AT THE BAT: Derek Jeter's "Cranky" Anky & His 2014 Player Option

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Derek Jeter's "Cranky" Anky & His 2014 Player Option

With Derek Jeter's "cranky" anky turning out to be only mild inflammation (Okay, "ankle." I can't help trying to sound cute.), Yankees Universe can breathe a sigh of relief.  Although, perhaps it should just be a tentative sigh, considering the recent developments regarding Mark Teixeira's wrist injury. In any case, Jeter has taken on the ever-famous "day-to-day" status and is expected back in the lineup sooner rather than later.

But what if he isn't? What if that cranky ankle turns out to be more than that, and he misses significant time during the season? The question of who will play shortstop will need to be answered. However, a more interesting question to ponder, IMO, is what would happen if, after a season spent mostly on the disabled list, Jeter decides to exercise his $8 million player option for 2014?

Talk about awkward. Yes, I know it's only $8 million but why would the newly cost-conscious Yankees want to spend even that little on a player who would be past his prime? They wouldn't want to do it but, it's a player option. They'd have no choice.

I predict Jeter's option won't be such a back-breaker for the Yankees. He will be healthy and will play most of his games this season. However, he won't be that great. He won't be in a position to decline the option with the hopes of getting more than the $8 million for 2014.

Get well soon, Captain.

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Anonymous said...

I think the option is worth more than $8m since he won a Silver Slugger..