LADY AT THE BAT: Since Miami New Times Won't "Speak," A-Rod Will

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Since Miami New Times Won't "Speak," A-Rod Will

We learned yesterday that the Miami New Times will not be handing its Biogenesis files over to Major League Baseball after all.  I am guessing this means that MLB won't have enough evidence to prove that Alex Rodriguez and others purchased PEDs. If that is the case, look for A-Rod to finally break the silence he has imposed on us all since this story broke.

So what will he say? Nothing of course. He will talk about his surgically-repaired hip and how the rehab is going. He'll probably say more about Mariano Rivera (and perhaps explain what he meant when he said Mo was "arguably" the best closer ever). He will talk about this year's Yankee team and predict how successful they will be this season. He might even comment on Cousin Yuri's lawsuit against him. But about Biogenesis? Nothing.

We will never know what, if anything, happened at that clinic. This case, for all practical purposes is closed. Alex has dodged a bullet: a small one if he was innocent all along and a giant one if he wasn't. 

So it's back to baseball activities. Until the next PED accusation is made, that is.

Update, 3-22-13: Not so fast! MLB isn't giving up just yet. They are now trying to sue "several people connected to" the Biogenesis Clinic. Oh, A-Rod, I hear your brakes screeching.

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