LADY AT THE BAT: An Injured Battery Recap & A Romine Scouting Report

Saturday, April 27, 2013

An Injured Battery Recap & A Romine Scouting Report

I held out hope until the last minute that Francisco Cervelli's hand injury was only a minor one.

I had already seen the tweets announcing that Triple A Scranton catcher Austin Romine had been removed from his game shortly after Cervelli went down, but I kept telling myself that it was only as a precaution until Cervelli's bruise had been confirmed.  Of course, it wasn't a bruise. He's scheduled to have surgery today and the prognosis is at least six week recovery. Hopefully his battery-mate Ivan Nova's recovery time will be more along the lines of six days. He left the game in the third inning with elbow pain and was scheduled for an MRI last night.

Back to Cervelli. The overwhelming opinion about him is that his injury is a bad break for the team. However, not everyone agrees. Chuck Johnson is an MLB prospect expert who runs a site called MLB Prospect Pulse. He thinks Cervelli did the Yankees a "favor" by getting hurt because he is not a good catcher. I was unable to convince him otherwise so, via Twitter, I asked him to give me a scouting report on Austin Romine:

"He comes from a good background. Father and brother are ML'ers. That carries weight especially in a veteran clubhouse. He's been injury prone [the] last couple of years especially with his back. I don't think he'll ever reach his ceiling at this point, but knowing CC  [Sabathia]and the rest of the guys respect him, that's all that matters."

Romine was batting .333 at Scranton this year and is fully healthy for the first time in several years. Hopefully he'll continue along those lines with the big club.

To Cervy and Nova: Get well soon.

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