LADY AT THE BAT: Hughes's Decent Start Gives Ichiro A Chance To Be His Old Self

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hughes's Decent Start Gives Ichiro A Chance To Be His Old Self

After the Yankees sat through a front row screening of  Moore Better Blues on Monday, they were back at the Trop last night to face the Rays' David Price. Although he has gotten off to a terrible start, Price's mound opponent Phil Hughes had me thinking the Rays' ace would turn things around nicely.

Price did turn things around nicely. However, Hughes's turn was better. After struggling in the first inning, Phil Hughes started pitching like he was projected to years ago. What a great start it turned out to be! He has finally gotten himself together. He will do some great things for the Yankees this season.

Or, will he? We have seen this before from Phil Hughes. Many times. He'll have a great start, or a couple of great months and it will look like all his troubles are behind him. Then he'll start pitching like a scrub again. Or, should I say, like himself again. Frankly, I'm tired of him, and when this season is over, the Yankees should let him leave for free agency and put the Hughes Era into the rear view mirror.

Speaking of looking like himself again, last night Ichiro looked a lot like he did when he starred for the Seattle Mariners years ago, especially in his final at-bat in the eighth. His two-out hit which gave the Yankees a two-run lead had "clutch" written all over it.

Hopefully, that better lineup will show up tonight to help Andy Pettitte get his fourth win of the season.

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