LADY AT THE BAT: Tough Start for 2013 Pitching Staff but Too Early To Panic

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tough Start for 2013 Pitching Staff but Too Early To Panic

Hiroki Kuroda just didn't look right after he was hit by that Shane Victorino single. Two hit-by-pitches and a trainer visit later, Kuroda exited the game with a bruised middle finger on his pitching hand. He is listed day-to-day.

Adam Warren, who did the bulk of the pitching for the remainder of the game, may be rewarded for it with a trip to the minors. The Yankees have the relatively young Ivan Nova and David Phelps going against the formidable Detroit offense over the weekend, and may need someone to finish their starts.

All of this, combined with the litany of Spring Training injuries, has produced some audible & worried sighs.

All offseason and into Spring Training, as homerun hitter after homerun hitter exited stage-left, and the injuries continued to mount, a refrain developed: The Yankees could still win in 2013 except this year they would, and could, do it with pitching.

However, losses in both the first two games have left the Yankees in an 0-2 hole, trying to avoid a sweep at the hands of their northern rivals with a consistent but aging Andy Pettitte going in the finale.

So, that's the bad news. But there is also good news! First, the season is just 1.2345% over. That's it! Not even 2%! Even the prolific 1998 team went 0-3 to start their season. And that turned out great! Second, Travis Hafner and Vernon Wells showed some power in game two to give the cold Yankee faithful (and John Sterling) something to cheer about in the late innings and forced Boston to use their closer.

Okay. This 2013 team doesn't come close to resembling the 1998 team that lost their first three games. But, three days into the 1998 season, that team didn't resemble itself either. The point is it's early. Forgive the cliché, but that's why they play the games. So turn those rally caps back around, put the panic button back in the kitchen drawer, and resist the urge to use the #FireCashman hashtag. For now, it's still too early.

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