LADY AT THE BAT: With The Loss Of Cano, Scott Boras Has Lost HIs Touch

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

With The Loss Of Cano, Scott Boras Has Lost HIs Touch

Scott Boras has lost his touch.

First, it was Alex Rodriguez who told the agent his services would no longer be needed. Then Mark Teixeira showed him the door. Now Robinson Cano has kicked Scott Boras to the curb and, if you believe the media reports, didn't even show the common courtesy of pointing the curb out to him before-hand.

For so many years, all you ever heard was how Boras seemed to be strong-arming his clients. They had to give him total control and could say or do absolutely nothing as far as their future contracts were concerned. Players whom Boras represented always felt compelled to say, on at least one occasion during the process, "Scott Boras works for me," as if they were trying to convince, not only the listener, but themselves as well.

Now it seems that players, both with the Yankees and with other teams (a prime example being Jered Weaver of the Angels) have become less intimidated by Boras and are now treating what he says as advice, rather than commandments written in stone. I like it. After all, it's not like going against what he says will land them in the poor house.

So, while Boras licks his latest wounds, Robinson Cano will be partying it up with Jay-Z and the agent the rapper assigns to him. It's not definite but, it's safe to assume that their partying will keep him in a Yankees uniform for the remainder of his career.

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