LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Washed Out In Back to Back Games

Friday, April 12, 2013

Yankees Washed Out In Back to Back Games

Rain outs are a part of baseball, at least the preferable kind of baseball that is played outdoors with real grass and no dome. Certainly it would be nice if MLB could schedule early April games in all warm weather climes but it is just not feasible or fair.

So, after back to back rainouts against the Cleveland Indians, the Yankees already have two games to make up here in the early going. Plus, with the weather forecast at the Stadium looking decidedly unfriendly on Friday, this could actually be a three day unscheduled break for the team. The actual impact on the Yankees season won't be known until the games are made up but here are four factors, two positive and two negative to consider:

Momentum Killer: The Yankees offense plated 25 runs in the first two games of the Cleveland Series. Brett Gardner and Robinson Cano started to heat up and joined the lesser known Yankees in demolishing Cleveland pitching. In fact, the entire team seemed to be clicking nicely since the last game in Detroit. This two or three game break could throw off their progress and return them to their (very) early season doldrums.

Less Rest: Much has been made of the Yankees advanced age, with even The New Yorker getting into the act, choosing some pointed cover art for their April 8 edition. These rainouts will likely involve the Yankees forfeiting one or two precious off days and / or playing doubleheader, potentially a problem for this older team.

Time To Heal: Every passing day is one day closer to the return of Derek Jeter, Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira, and even Michael Pineda and A-Rod. One day closer to the return of a more complete, younger and more powerful line up. When the Yankees next see Cleveland they will look more like the team everyone thought would be. Presumably that is a good thing.

Lining Up The Pitching: Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes didn't exactly impress in their first starts of the season. Nova seems to be pressing, especially with David Phelps in the bullpen, and Hughes came back earlier than expected from a back injury that sidelined him early in Spring Training. There's no doubt that the Yankees will need to rely on those two in 2013 but the team can't be too displeased with having to skip those two for now.

When they do head back to Cleveland, maybe the Yankees sweep those two games, maybe they split them and maybe they get swept. And maybe whatever does happen would have happened anyway. There's just no way to tell. It's just another part of the game.

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