LADY AT THE BAT: Smallest Crowd In Subway Series History Sees Yankees Lose 2-1

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Smallest Crowd In Subway Series History Sees Yankees Lose 2-1

Though the Yankees were beaten last night in Game 1 of this year's Subway Series, at least it was by the Mets' two best players: Daniel Murphy and David Wright. They'll be hoping for better luck tonight in Game 2.

Will they and the Mets be hoping for better attendance tonight as well? The announced attendance of 32,911 was the smallest crowd in the history of the Subway Series. Crowds for the series seem to dwindle every year. Why? There are no hard and fast answers to this question. However, there are some things to point out when trying to explain it:

1. While some Yankee fans say (rather obnoxiously) that last night's attendance was due simply to the fact that the Mets were playing, the Yankees, who have a bigger fan base,  were also playing. So, you cannot just gleefully point and laugh, saying, "Mets suck!"

2. The final two games of the series will take place at Yankee Stadium, where attendance is down nearly 40% this year. Therefore, if it's that bad at the Stadium, where a good team plays, why should it be any better at Citi Field, where a bad team plays?

3. The Subway Series has been played since 1997. That's 16 years. Back in '97 the two teams had never played each other in games that counted during the regular season. It was a huge novelty. Today, not so much.

4. The Yankees and Mets are not the only team with lower attendance numbers. This has been a problem all over MLB this season. Even the Red Sox are suffering. Their consecutive sell-out streak was broken early in April.

So, how can all of this be reversed? By fans going to the games, of course. There are three more games left in the series and plenty of seats available. Click Yankees tickets for the best values or simply click on the banner on the left near the top of the sidebar.

Enjoy the games and LETS GO YANKEES!

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