Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Subway Series Game 2: An Historic Blown Save, A Silly Owner's Comments, & Another Small Crowd

Mariano Rivera stole the show last night at Citi Field but, depending on who you ask, not in a positive way. 

I'm a Yankee fan, of course, so for me, it wasn't positive. It would actually be nice even to call it negative.  The great Mariano Rivera blowing a save without recording an out? For the first time in his career? Shocking. 

The blown save got me to thinking. What if Rivera blows a save in the very last appearance of his career? That would be awful, of course. However, what if he says after that, "I can't go out like this. I'm coming back next year!" Wishful thinking, perhaps. But, you never know.

Too bad Mets owner Jeff Wilpon doesn't have that attitude.  Though everyone knows the Mets will not be playing in the World Series this year, publicly admitting such a thing is silly, unprofessional and just bad business practice. 

Are Wilpon's comments partly the reason the Mets drew even fewer fans last night (31,877) than they did for the first game of the series? With pitching sensation Matt Harvey on the mound I expected an increase in attendance, not a decrease  People are blaming the rain for the small turnout. However, 31,877 is the paid attendance. You would think that advance sales for a Harvey game would be much higher. Alas, in this instance, at least, it was not.

On to Yankee Stadium. Two more games against the Amazins there. A Subway Series split would be a nice way to go into the Red Sox series this weekend.

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