LADY AT THE BAT: Summer Saturday Ladybugs: Grandy & The Trop, Ike & The Subway Series

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Saturday Ladybugs: Grandy & The Trop, Ike & The Subway Series

Shortly after I started this blog in 2007, I began a series of posts called Summer Saturday Ladybugs, After spending weekdays blogging about the Yankees, I devoted these weekend posts, filled with pictures of cute little ladybugs, to other teams around MLB. While I'm not ready to commit to it every Saturday (and I'm too lazy to include the ladybug pics) I have decided to bring the Ladybugs back, and to include some Yankees topics as well. So, here's the first installment:

* I don't think I've ever been as bummed out about a player injury as I am about Curtis Granderson's. Eight games after returning from that broken wrist he sustained in spring training he breaks the knuckle on his left pinkie finger? So many injuries. Up until now I took each one in stride. Now I just want to punch somebody.

* It sure sounded as if John Sterling wanted to punch somebody last night. Sterling was his usual annoyed self as he did the play-by-play of the game against the Rays at the Trop. I get it, the noise at the Trop is infamous, but Sterling is supposed to be a professional. Acting like a diva and complaining about it for several innings is just wrong. Come on, John, act like you have the experience everyone knows you have.

* Does Ike Davis have enough experience?  The Mets first baseman, whom everyone knows has been playing like a little leaguer, is hitting just .143 on the season. He struck out four times in last night's game against the Braves and has made a couple of shocking defensive blunders this season. What's going on with this guy? Some are saying he has a vision problem, but most people think he just needs to be demoted to triple A to work out his problems.

* A demotion to triple A before Monday will spare him the derisive chants Yankee fans are sure to throw his way during the Subway Series. Yes, it's that time again. This year's installment is a home-in-home affair (two at Citi Field and two at the Stadium), which I like much better than the long, drawn out six game sets of previous years. With the exception of the game Matt Harvey will pitch on Tuesday, this looks to be an easy series for the Yankees.

* Will you be watching the Subway Series at home or will you travel to Citi Field or to the Stadium?  If you decide to go the one of the games, it is actually cheaper than it has been in a very long time. In fact, with a combined average price of $116, this is the cheapest Subway Series over the last four years. Keep that in mind if you are purchasing Yankees tickets for this upcoming series.

That's all I have for today. Everyone enjoy the games and have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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