LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Lose Second Straight Red Sox Series Amid Roster Moves & LineupChanges

Monday, June 3, 2013

Yankees Lose Second Straight Red Sox Series Amid Roster Moves & LineupChanges

Last night's series finale against the Boston Red Sox was a dud in more ways than one. Going into it, Yankee fans were abuzz with excitement over the returns of Kevin Youkilis and Mark Teixeira, as well as the pending return of Andy Pettitte. That buzz was quickly dulled by more than the thundering downpour.

Since Youkilis DH'd the first two games of the series, last night was the first time Teixeira and Youkilis took the field together. Given the rarity, it looked just as strange as seeing guys like Nix, Adams, and Overbay out there. The excitement of their return is slowly being squashed, however, as they are a combined 2 for 18 with 12 strikeouts after last night.

The Yankees lineup was a preview of what we will continue to see, even after someone is cut from the active roster to make room for Pettitte, who is expected to start tonight against the Cleveland Indians. Last night was the first time in several games we did not see either David Adams or Reid Brignac in the lineup. The team has started saying goodbye to replacement players that have kept the Yankees within reach of first place since the beginning of the season. Luckily for Brignac, Eduardo Nunez suffered a setback that bought the former Rays shortstop some more time on the roster. Brignac will be sticking around as back up to Nix whether he has the offense to contribute or not. The choice of who will be off the roster will come down to 1B Lyle Overbay or 3B David Adams. Although Youkilis can serve as backup first baseman on any given day, the fact that Adams should continue to be an everyday player will save Overbay. I think Overbay will still be in the Bronx come tonight and Adams will be in Scranton. With the second highest slugging percentage of the everyday players, it won't hurt to keep Overbay to occasionally rest Teixeira and pinch hit vs righties.

Catcher Chris Stewart will still be in the Bronx come tonight as well, after suffering symptoms of dehydration. How does one end up with symptoms of dehydration for two nights in a row? Is anyone else worried something else is going on? We'll see how this one plays out.

Finally, a word about the pitching: Hiroki Kuroda was less than an ace last night, not too different from CC Sabathia in making us cringe one night and praise him the next. In the same way we still count on CC to get the win, we will continue to do the same with Kuroda. His next start should be Friday vs the Mariners, not a bad team to pitch against when you're trying to bounce back. If anyone can move past mediocre games it is a pitcher like Sabathia or Kuroda.

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