LADY AT THE BAT: In Saying He Won't Be A Distraction, Jeter Shows Rare Support Of A-Rod

Friday, June 28, 2013

In Saying He Won't Be A Distraction, Jeter Shows Rare Support Of A-Rod

I'm usually upset when I have to miss a weekday Yankee game.  Yesterday, however, as I checked my phone while I sat waiting to see my doctor, I realized that missing this particular game was a good thing.  The result was far from surprising. Derek Holland might have pitched a complete game shutout even if the Yankees' A lineup had faced him.

That A lineup is still very far from returning to the field. Big pieces of it, Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez, have made news lately. We won't see Teix until next spring. As for A-Rod, who knows?

One thing we do know, if you believe Derek Jeter, is that Alex Rodriguez has not and will not be a distraction to the team. I was pleased and, to be honest, pleasantly surprised to find out that Jeter spoke up in his teammates defense. The Captain has a history of leaving Alex Rodriguez twisting in the wind. He has publicly supported guys like Jason Giambi but, when given the opportunity to do the same for A-Rod, he's all like, "Who's A-Rod?"

His treatment of A-Rod only underscored the already big difference in the types of people they both are. They are nothing alike and will always be nothing alike. Yet, the world continues its haughty criticism of Alex as if all he had to do be like Jeter was to change his underwear. I liken the two of them to a short person and a tall person.  No one would ever berate the short person for not being the tall one. Yet, Alex gets berated all the time for not being Derek Jeter. 

It's time to stop the madness, people.  Yeah, I know. It won't stop. *sigh* 

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