LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Lose But, Before The Game, Cano Wins

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yankees Lose But, Before The Game, Cano Wins

With CC Sabathia once again pitching poorly in Oakland and the Athletics continuing their hot streak at home, last night's Yankee loss was as predictable as it was painful.  Something that was not predictable was the announcement before the game that Robinson Cano had been named AL captain of this year's Home Run Derby.

I would have thought that last year's horrible experience would have led to Cano staying as far away from this year's event as possible. Besides, how could someone who failed to hit even a single home run in last year's derby be named captain of the AL squad this year? 

That was my thought before I found out that Mets third baseman David Wright had been named the NL captain. Oh, so it's going to be a New York affair.  A New York Home Run Derby at Cit Field, a pitcher-friendly ballpark. Good luck with that, Bud Selig (even  if they have brought in the fences).

In any case it will be a chance for Cano to build on his image as the new face of the New York Yankees. He has been doing a lot of work on that image lately, especially since signing on with Jay Z's new agency.  One of the projects he has been involved in is Jay Z's Where I'm From film series. To view a trailer for the Robinson Cano installment click here.

So, I guess congratulations is in order for him. Good luck, Robbie and, try to have fun.

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Anonymous said...

first off- YAY CANO! I am feeling the Yankees having a last year's res sox season ahead. I have been saying all along, Yankees need PITCHERS- CAN'T WIN W/OUT THEM! you have to get some young blood here! AROD is a distraction constant-only bats in a homerun for himself-never w/anyone on base! also a romeo on the bench sending messages to a cute fan via bat boy- soooo sick of his antics! time to go! youk has been another sad case that needs to sit out the game alittle bit longer always- lets get some new young players and get serious! geez!