LADY AT THE BAT: Alex Rodriguez Is On The Way: What Happens After That?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Is On The Way: What Happens After That?

Anyone following the Yankees can correctly guess what the team's biggest news was yesterday. It wasn't the  end of the five game losing streak. It wasn't Andy Pettitte's two strikeouts, which gave him the most Ks in Yankees franchise history. It also wasn't Joe Girardi winning his 600th game as a Major League manager. The big news, of course, was the announcement by the Yankees that Alex Rodriguez would be starting a rehab assignment tonight with single A Charleston.

So, assuming he won't get suspended, help is on the way. Or, is it? No one knows what Alex has left in the tank or, if he has anything left. The same goes for Derek Jeter. These are two guys in their late 30s. They are both, most likely, past their primes. Then again, Jeter and A-Rod past their primes is probably better than what the Yankees have had all season at third and short. 

Whatever they can contribute, I would venture to guess that it is probably not enough to get the Yankees to the playoffs this year.  They'll have more of a chance when Curtis Granderson returns. More of a chance but,  not a huge chance. That leads us to Brian Cashman and speculation about what he might do. 

Will he buy or sell?  In recent years, the Yankees have always been buyers around this time of year. In those years, the Yankees were assured of earning a playoff spot. This year, however, there's a chance they won't make the postseason. For that reason, Cashman needs to be very conservative when it comes to making acquisitions this month.  What's the point of giving up a prospect or other young player if you won't make the playoffs anyway? Unless, of course, you're giving up Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain, and I don't think they would get much in return for those two anyway. 

In any case, July will be a very interesting month for Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees.

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