LADY AT THE BAT: Amid A-Rod Drama, Yanks Bring Back Soriano

Friday, July 26, 2013

Amid A-Rod Drama, Yanks Bring Back Soriano

In 2004 the Yankees traded offensive powerhouse and fan favorite Alfonso Soriano to the Texas Rangers. In return, of course, they received Alex Rodriguez. Now it appears that Soriano will return to the Yankees before Rodriguez does.

Talk about coming full circle! Reports are circulating that the Yankees are giving up a couple of low-level prospects in the deal, and that the Cubs will pay most of Soriano's salary for the rest of the season. 

However symbolic, the deal speaks volumes. Soriano's return and A-Rod's likely departure (via suspension, at least) is akin to a reversal of the trade. It is as if the deal never occurred and things are back the way they were before Alfonso Soriano left.

Before he left, Soriano's feats gave Yankee fans plenty of great memories. One feat that is easily forgotten, however, is the home run he hit in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series:

Had the Yankees won that game, Soriano would have gone down in history as a World Series hero.

Perhaps he will have another chance at being a postseason hero this year. At the rate the Yankees are going right now, though, I'll settle for a late season hero.

Welcome back, Alfonso.

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