LADY AT THE BAT: Cashman, Yankees Being Blamed For Jeter Setback: Fair Or Unfair?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cashman, Yankees Being Blamed For Jeter Setback: Fair Or Unfair?

Thursday was like a holiday. The Captain was back! Everyone in Yankees Universe celebrated the big day. By that night, of course, the mood had changed, and with it, came a premium edition of the Blame Game.

Actually, it's not fair to call it a game. It was more like an attack, directed towards Brian Cashman and the Yankees front office. At first, I didn't think the attack was warranted. After all, the plan had been for Jeter to return yesterday. He came back just one day early. You could hardly call that "rushing" him back. But, as I was informed on Twitter yesterday, Jeter had only nine at-bats during his rehab assignment. I was also informed that Jeter had not run enough during the assignment.

So, I now think the attack was fair. But, not that fair. Before Thursday's game, the Yankees did say they counted Jeter's many sim game at-bats toward his recovery. Also, Jeter himself said that he had run plenty while preparing for his return. 

In any case, Jeter won't be a player for the Yankees this weekend and, if you believe WFAN Radio's Sweeney Murti, he will probably land on the DL next Friday.  So the treadmill stays on, with the Yankees on it, unable to run past their injuries. What a frustrating season.

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DPBI Championship Hitting said...

The reputation Dana Cavalea has is that once he has finished with a player's rehab, they could fair pretty well as recruit in a USMC boot camp. I'd trust his assessment, but as you kow, stuff happens in baseball. Wish I could say the same about trusting Brian Cashman, but that's another story,
Nice blog post, Bernadette.