LADY AT THE BAT: The Yankees, The Trade Deadline and No Trade Clauses

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Yankees, The Trade Deadline and No Trade Clauses

Before the Yankees lost last night's game against the Dodgers and their chances at securing a playoff spot continued to fade, I was thinking about today's trade deadline. I took to Twitter with the following comment:

A generation ago, New York City was not the tourist destination that it is today. It had a reputation (rightly or wrongly) as a crowded, crime-ridden town that was depressing to visit, let alone to inhabit. In addition, the New York Yankees  were not a team that was often in the playoff hunt.  However, by the mid-'90s both the team and the reputation of the city had improved. Players began waiving their no-trade clauses and coming to the Bronx.

Not all players, though.

Despite this new success, many players still did not and do not want to come to the Boogie Down. Why? Paul "Sully" Sullivan, podcast guest and Yankee hater, teased me with this answer: "Maybe this season players don't want to go to the Yankees because they want a shot to win the World Series this year."

I liked blog contributor Christina Brown's answer better:

Assuming this is true, I wonder how Alfonso Soriano used his no-trade clause as as negotiating leverage. I was shocked to find out he had a no-trade clause to the Yankees. As far as I know he enjoyed his time in New York.

In any case, Soriano is a Yankee again. We will find out later today if any other players will  be as well.

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