Thursday, August 29, 2013

After Disappointing Trip, Yankees Have Fewer Than 30 Games To Turn It Around

The Yankees have just completed one of their most disappointing road trips of the season. They went into it with high hopes, riding a five-game winning streak and trailing by just 3.5 games in the race for the second Wild Card spot.  Now they are 5.5 out, having lost series in both Tampa and Toronto.

So, what happens now?

Twenty-nine games, that's what. The Yankees have 29 games to turn this thing around. Twenty-nine games to put up the numbers that will get them into the playoffs.

Can they do it? My mind says "no" but my heart says "maybe."  Not "yes," but "maybe." How sad.

They might be able to do it if Phil Hughes is removed from the rotation, if Hiroki Kuroda finds himself again and if CC Sabathia continues to improve.  That along with the recently-returned offense could get it done.

Another factor that could help them is the schedule.  A reporter or analyst (whose name I don't recall) recently pointed out that the Yankees have more divisional games coming up than any other team in baseball. Two divisional opponents, Baltimore and Tampa Bay are in the Wild Card race and Boston is only a few losses away from it.

After today's off-day, the first of the final 29 takes place tomorrow night at the Stadium against Baltimore. They have to, at minimum, win this upcoming series to keep "maybe" alive.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I should hold my breath while waiting for it to happen.

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