LADY AT THE BAT: Cano, Yankees Dodge Bullet While Hughes Deserves To Take One

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cano, Yankees Dodge Bullet While Hughes Deserves To Take One

It would have been a cruel turn of events for the Yankees had the worst case scenario come to pass. It did not, however, and Robinson Cano is simply day-to-day with a left hand contusion after getting struck with a J A Happ pitch last night in Toronto.

The cruelty would have been there because of the fact that the Yankees had, just the other day, gotten their full lineup back. Derek Jeter had returned (again) to join big bats Curtis Granderson, Alfonso Soriano, Alex Rodriguez, etc. A major Cano injury would have given the impression that, instead of being on a playoff run, the Yankees were on a treadmill, not getting anywhere, with the machine's motor close to giving out.

So, for now, at least, Robinson Cano and the Yankees have dodged a bullet. Cano is expected back in the lineup soon and the team can continue its fight for that final playoff spot.

Needless to say, that final playoff spot is going to be hard to come by, especially if Phil Hughes remains in the starting rotation. The Yankees continue to say that his spot is not in jeopardy. Of course they're going to say that publicly, though. I find it hard to believe that, behind the scenes, they are not preparing to move Hughes to the bullpen and to put either Adam Warren or David Huff into the rotation.  They're idiots if they don't do this.

Hurry back, Cano.

Hughes? Uh, don't bother, son.

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Frank Spero said...

"hughes deserves to take one....." not more than FATBOY what a screw up