LADY AT THE BAT: Surging Yankees Can't Stop Now If They Want Fast Track To The Postseason

Friday, August 23, 2013

Surging Yankees Can't Stop Now If They Want Fast Track To The Postseason

All right, admit it. You didn't think the Yankees would be in the position they are in now.

Okay, I'll speak for myself.  This team has surprised me over the last few weeks. I never thought that today, on August 23rd, they would be only 3.5 games out of the second Wild Card spot.

But they are, thanks to an offense that has finally arrived and a pitching staff that looks like it is ready to turn the corner.

It cannot stop now. Ordinarily, I would almost expect the Yankees to lose two out of three when they go down to the Trop to play the Tampa Bay Rays. This time, however, it has to be different. It cannot be business as usual in that dark, loud place.  It's sweep or bust.

Well, that might be going too far. They have to, at minimum, take two out of three. Then, after that series, they need to get the brooms out once again against the Blue Jays, this time in Toronto.

If they accomplish all of this, fans will cheer wildly when they return to Yankee Stadium on the 30th to open a weekend series against the Orioles. Their improved play will likely put more fans in the seats during the remaining home dates of the 2013 season. NY Yankees tickets might even be hard to come by.

Hopefully, the words "likely and "might" will be removed from the conversation,  pushing the Yankees onto the fast track to the 2013 postseason.

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