LADY AT THE BAT: The Ryan Dempster Suspension & What It Means For A-Rod Going Forward

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Ryan Dempster Suspension & What It Means For A-Rod Going Forward

I was really surprised at all the fallout yesterday after the Ryan Dempster suspension was announced. People certainly do have short memories. I mean, when has a starting pitcher ever lost pay during a suspension for throwing at someone? When has any player lost pay during a suspension for any on-the-field incident?

Of course, this situation is a lot different from any other on-the-field incident. This is about PEDs. This is about Biogenesis. This is about Alex Rodriguez. So, though I was surprised at the reaction, when I really thought about it, I could understand the passionate feelings that were expressed yesterday after the discipline was handed down.

Those passionate feelings are being expressed by both sides, obviously, with MLB sending a strong message with its paltry 5-game ban. How many more times will Alex Rodriguez be thrown at this year? Will MLB even bother to suspend the pitchers who do so?

A-Rod didn't get thrown at during yesterday's doubleheader against the Blue Jays. He probably wished that he had been. He was 1-7 with five strikeouts on the day, as the Yankees beat Toronto 8-4 in the first game and 3-2 in the night cap.  The sweep moved the Yankees to within 5 games of a Wild Card spot and moved the Blue Jays even further out of contention, after they were picked by many during Spring Training to make it all the way to the World Series.

So Toronto's not going anywhere. The Yankees might go somewhere. If they do, Alex Rodriguez will be along for the ride, as long as he survives Bean Ball 2013.

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