LADY AT THE BAT: While Opinion Poll Fails To Reign, The Boos Rain Down On A-Rod

Saturday, August 10, 2013

While Opinion Poll Fails To Reign, The Boos Rain Down On A-Rod

The results are in. If you can call them that.

A disgraceful grand total of 12 people voted in the latest poll, which asked if the season is over for the New York Yankees. (If you don't count my vote, the total is 11.) I received seven votes for "Yes, it's over," none for "No, there is still time to make the playoffs," and five for "Yes or no? It's more complicated than that!"

If this tiny sample is representative of the general Yankees fan population, the hope for a playoff appearance has all but disappeared.  Most people appear ready simply to enjoy the remainder of Mariano Rivera's final season and to continue staring at the train wreck that is Alex Rodriguez.

Speaking of Alex Rodriguez, perhaps the poll should have been about him. Maybe that would have gotten me more than 12 votes. It probably would have, judging from the number of boos that rained down on him at the Stadium last night.

If I had been at the game last night, I would not have booed.  Then again, I would not have cheered either. It's a huge quandary. I don't want him around but I know the Yankees need him.  If I had to choose one action to take, it would be to boo him.  I definitely would not have held up a sign saying I supported him. People who did that last night have lost their way.  Find your way back, folks, and burn up those signs along the way.

The Yankees probably will not find their way back to the playoff race, and that is a sad thing. A sad thing, indeed.

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