LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Need To Remove Distractions To Go On Run

Monday, August 5, 2013

Yankees Need To Remove Distractions To Go On Run

The bad news is the Yankees dropped yet another series, falling 6-3 to the San Diego Padres on Sunday night, and now stand 9.5 out in the A.L. East division race and 4.5 out in the Wildcard.

The good news is that, of the 52 games left in the season, 32 come against division rivals. Yes, it's true that the Yankees are a thoroughly mediocre 22-21 against their own division and yes it's true that a lot of those wins came against the hapless Toronto Blue Jays who are the only team standing between the Yankees and the division cellar.

Nevertheless, this IS good news. Curtis Granderson is back, Derek Jeter will hopefully need nothing more than rest for his aching calf and the bullpen is clicking on all cylinders. This is the strongest the 2013 Yankees will ever be and despite a lackluster showing thus far, I believe this team has a run in them yet, starting tonight.

That's when the situation regarding "Mr. Rodriguez" will hopefully be resolved. As previously noted on this blog, this has turned into a major distraction for fans and, despite what they might otherwise say, it must be so for the team, as well. The constant wondering and having to give politically correct answers to endless questions ends tonight, my opinion.

The Yankees can then go about their business of making some noise and reasserting themselves in this race. It's still possible. They just need to focus and, starting tonight, they'll have one less reason not to.

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Bernadette Pasley said...

Christina is a bit more optimistic than I am. The Yankees might not be distracted by the A-Rod side show now but, they will be when he arrives in the clubhouse today, BIG time.

I usually disagree when people claim the Yankees are being distracted by one thing or another. This time I'm leading the charge. A-Rod's presence, I'm afraid, will make an already difficult playoff run even harder. They might as well kiss the postseason goodbye right now.