LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Score 14 Runs (Yes, Really)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yankees Score 14 Runs (Yes, Really)

Yes, it really did happen, folks. The Yankees scored 14 runs last night, on 19 hits.

I don't even remember the last time this team put on such a potent display of offense. It was great to see and, after so many tension-filled, low-scoring contests this season, it was nice to be able to relax during a game.

The offensive pieces the Yankees have been missing all season long showed up last night, and if they hang around, this team might just win the 30+ games manager Joe Girardi thinks are needed to make the playoffs.

Winning all those games might be difficult if the pitching doesn't keep up with the offense. Last night it barely kept up. CC Sabathia gave up only two earned runs on three hits over six innings. However, he was helped out by that umpire's blown call, in which Chris Nelson was ruled to have left the bag too soon before scoring on a sac fly.

There are two more games left in this series with the Angels. The Yankees need to win at least one of them to secure their second straight series win and only their third since early July.  It will be tough to score a ton of runs tonight, as Jered Weaver will be on the mound for Los Angeles. However, if Ivan Nova can match zeros with him, the Yankees should be able to turn up the offense once they get into the LA bullpen.

Nice win last night. More of the same needed tonight.

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