LADY AT THE BAT: Previewing The Final 15 Games Of The Yankees 2013 Season

Friday, September 13, 2013

Previewing The Final 15 Games Of The Yankees 2013 Season

If someone told you a month ago that, with two weeks left in the season the Yankees would only be a game out of the second Wild Card spot, would you have believed them?  Oh, come on. You know you wouldn't have.

That is exactly where the Yankees are. There are 15 games left and, if they win most of them, they will be, at the very least, playing in the one game playoff.

It won't be easy, of course. One of the hardest series during this 15-game stretch starts tonight at Fenway against the Red Sox.  I know it's easier said than done but, the Yankees need to do everything in their power this weekend to sweep these three games. There is no time left to do otherwise.

Once they have taken care of Boston, they move on to Toronto, where they need to avoid being victims of those spoiler Blue Jays. If losing the Red Sox series isn't something they can do, losing to the Blue Jays is even more verboten. It's simply not an option.

After that final trip north of the border, they return to Yankee Stadium for the final homestand of the season. They can't let up then. There will be series against the Giants and the Rays, with the Rays series sure to be Armageddon. Those final regular season games at the Stadium should be well-attended. Sellouts should be the order of the day with hundreds of fans rushing to get their New York Yankees Tickets, not only to say goodbye to Mariano Rivera (and, most likely, Andy Pettitte), but also (hopefully) to witness a playoff clinching.

It would be nice if that final road trip of the season (a weekend series in Houston) were nothing more than a chance for the call-ups to strut their stuff while the regulars rest up for Wild Card Day.

It all starts tonight.  Ready or not, Yankees, here it comes.

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