LADY AT THE BAT: Thanks To Joba, Yankees Chance To Sweep Orioles Disappears

Monday, September 2, 2013

Thanks To Joba, Yankees Chance To Sweep Orioles Disappears

The argument can be made that, in yesterday's series finale against the Orioles, Pettitte was pulled too early. After all, he was only at 93 pitches. However, he's 40 years old and had given up two relatively hard hit balls, so I won't fault Girardi too much there. I won't fault him for bringing in Shawn Kelley either, because strikeouts were needed and, before Sunday's game, that was Kelley's speciality.

I do, however, hold him solely responsible for bringing in Joba Chamberlain in a 4-3 game. It was a deficit small enough that the suddenly clicking Yankees offense could certainly overcome. By the time Chamberlain was done, however, it was a 7-3 game.

Every Yankee fan saw that coming. It was our worst fear. Even if, as Suzyn Waldman said during the game's radio broadcast, Chamberlain had been much better over his past few appearances. Fans no longer have any confidence in his abilities. Why Joe Girardi still does is beyond me. The bottom line is, on the day when rosters expanded there was no reason, none, to let Joba pitch.

There should be no more building up his confidence, no showing him off for trade bait. Those days are past. Gone, like the golden opportunity the Yankees had on Sunday afternoon. Gone, like Joba will be after this season.

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