LADY AT THE BAT: (Not) Joe Girardi's New Contract (With Update)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

(Not) Joe Girardi's New Contract (With Update)

This post was supposed to be about Joe Girardi's new contract with the Yankees. I thought I would be writing about the new deal and speculating about what he would do during the life of it. 

I also thought I would be writing about it sooner than today. We were all given the impression that the negotiation would be quick and painless and that Girardi would, by now, be preparing for the annual team meetings down in Tampa.

However, that hasn't happened and, as a result, this post is more than a week late.

I didn't have to wait this long before posting. I could have written about Alex Rodriguez's arbitration hearing. I also could have written about the playoffs. However, at this point I'm tired of Alex Rodriguez and, unlike in previous postseasons, I can't decide whom to root for (I love Mattingly but I can't stand Yasiel Puig. I love the Pirates but seeing AJ Burnett in the playoffs leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Oakland will likely disappoint me. The Rays already have.).

So, back to waiting on Girardi.

Let's be clear: I like Joe Girardi. He's a good manager and has done a very good job with the Yankees.  I'd like to see him back with the team.  But I don't love him. He's not an elite manager. If he wants to explore the market (see what the Cubs have to offer), he can go right ahead. I wouldn't be broken up about him leaving the Yankees.

So now, maybe the next post will be about Joe Girardi's new contract.

We'll see.

Update:  Four years sounds like a bit much. However, nice job Yankees and nice that you're staying, Joe.

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