LADY AT THE BAT: On Being Gun-Shy: Tanaka & The Yankees

Saturday, October 26, 2013

On Being Gun-Shy: Tanaka & The Yankees

If reports are true, the Yankees will be in the middle of the hunt for Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka this winter.  Tanaka, with his 24-0 record, must look really promising to a Yankee front office that will likely say goodbye to Phil Hughes in a few weeks and, perhaps, to Hiroki Kuroda as well.

Tanaka is expected to be made available through the posting system, the same system through which the Yankees landed Kei Igawa.  Years earlier, Hideki Irabu's west coast odyssey prior to signing with the Yankees led to the creation of that posting system.  We all remember how the Igawa and Irabu eras ended, right?

Actually, the possibility of Tanaka becoming a Yankee seems remote when you think of the now infamous $189 million threshold. Or does it? Can they sign Tanaka and still do everything else they need to do this off-season? I'm not sure.

I hope they can't sign him. Igawa and Irabu have made me gun-shy. Yes, I know he could turn out to be another Yu Darvish, but he could just as easily be another Daisuke Matsuzaka.

The World Series will be over by the end of next week, and then we'll be closer to finding out what the Yankees will do about Tanaka. Until then, Go Cardinals.

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