LADY AT THE BAT: Alex Rodriguez, You're Full Of @*%#$!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Alex Rodriguez, You're Full Of @*%#$!

I had no idea Alex Rodriguez was an actor, let alone a pretty good one. Yesterday's performance deserves some kind of award. Best Actor In A Farce?

We all know that A-Rod showed off his potty mouth and stormed out of his arbitration hearing yesterday after it was announced that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig did not have to testify. We also know that he showed up at the WFAN radio studios later in the day and, for the first time ever, said he was innocent of all charges.

During that same radio interview (conducted by Mike Francessa, whose show, ironically, is simulcast on the YES Network), Alex Rodriguez also confirmed that he would make no further appearances at his arbitration hearing.

So, let's get this straight: A-Rod makes it clear that he is innocent at the same time he announces he will no longer participate in the hearing. Coincidence? Of course not.  In my humble opinion, a tweet I posted yesterday afternoon explains it all:

This entire incident was orchestrated by A-Rod and his legal team to get him out of a situation where he'd have no choice but to tell the truth.  They are well aware that the commissioner of baseball has never, ever testified in such a forum.  MLB confirmed this in their official response to A-Rod's tirade:

"In the entire history of the Joint Drug Agreement, the Commissioner has not testified in a single case,"

Knowing this, A-Rod's lawyers became playwrights and put on a show yesterday.

Unfortunately, the show is far from over. I don't see this thing ending anytime soon, which means that an already difficult off-season for the Yankees will get even more so. What moves can they make? Exactly how much money can they spend?  They don't know. I am sure that everyone in the front office is slamming their hands down, voicing their own interpretation of what was shouted yesterday:

"Alex Rodriguez, you're full of  @*&$#!"

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