LADY AT THE BAT: On Mike Francessa, A-Rod & The YES Network

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On Mike Francessa, A-Rod & The YES Network

While Yankees Universe continues to wait for the team's next move this off-season (and while this member hopes that the Brian Roberts rumors are not true), a free agent of another kind revealed himself yesterday afternoon.  Mike Francessa confirmed reports that his WFAN radio show is parting ways with the YES Network at the end of January.

My first reaction to this news was "good riddance!" Mike Francessa is past his prime.  YES is definitely doing the right thing here.  They need to fill the time slot with someone younger and hipper. I'm not sure who that is, however. Michael Kay is younger but I wouldn't say that he's hipper.

In any case, as I said, I'm glad Francessa is leaving. That is, as long as it is because he is old and past his prime. If it is because of something else, YES is dropping the ball.

That something else is Alex Rodriguez. It's true that Francessa is partial to A-Rod, but the last interview he did with Francessa was a study in objectivity. Francessa did an excellent job that day. Apparently, YES didn't think so.

Does YES think that Michael Kay is next in line? It'll be interesting to find out. Stay tuned, everyone.

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