LADY AT THE BAT: The Phil Hughes Era: A Look Back

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Phil Hughes Era: A Look Back

He was once the biggest prospect in the Yankees farm system.  His arrival in the Bronx was long-awaited. He went on to have an inconsistent career in pinstripes. He was basically a bust. He was Phil Hughes.

Now that Hughes has signed a free-agent deal with the Minnesota Twins, let's take a look back at his career as a Yankee, through posts here at Lady At The Bat, starting from the announcement of his arrival to his final horrific season:

On April 23, 2007 we received word that Phil Hughes would make his Major League debut later that week at Yankee Stadium-- The Hughes Corporation To Open On Thursday.

In that debut Hughes was beat, by AJ Burnett (!) and the Toronto Blue Jays-- AJ Burnett Buys The Hughes Corporation.

Three years later, he was trying to return to form after having been skipped over for a start, or, was he suffering fatigue from pitching too many innings? The post was called The Trouble With Phil Hughes.

Last year I wrote a post about Hughes preparing to face his future team, the Minnesota Twins. I wasn't optimistic-- When You (Phil) Hughes, You Lose?

And finally, in a start this past season, Hughes walked five batters, putting his chances of free agency success in jeopardy (Further jeopardy, I should say)--  Hughes Walks The Ballpark: Teams Walk Away?

And so, an era comes to an end.  Thanks for the writing material, Phil. But, whoever shall I write about now?

Stupid question. This is a Yankees blog.

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