LADY AT THE BAT: Alex Rodriguez Is Guilty, And Got Just What He Deserved

Monday, January 13, 2014

Alex Rodriguez Is Guilty, And Got Just What He Deserved

As far as I'm concerned, Saturday's announcement of the 162-game suspension of Alex Rodriguez was good news. The outrage that followed it, however, was a bit of a shock to me. 

The most obvious reason for that outrage is, of course, the length of the ban.

The biggest argument against what is the longest non-lifetime ban in the history of MLB is that Rodriguez never failed a drug test. There is only a paper trail and, as such, the suspension should only be 50 games.

In many people's minds, these facts should have been enough for arbitrator Fredric Horowitz to cut the suspension down to 50. He is, after all, well-aware of the terms of the joint agreement between the union and MLB. The fact that he did not do that, however, is proof of just how egregious Rodriguez's crimes were.

The difference-maker is that he attempted to impede MLB's investigation into the matter. Last night's "60 Minutes" episode proved that (while making MLB look like the show-offs that they are).

Face it, folks, Alex Rodriguez is guilty, and got just what he deserved.

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